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Viewster Reveal Premium 'Omakase' Service

European video streaming service Viewster continues to do it's best to win the hearts of anime and animation fans. The firm has been building up a strong line-up of anime that comprises a nice mix of currently or recent airing series and classics. They also recently added some western animated content with material from Mondo Media and How It Should Have Ended.

Having recently established a US office, the firm has now revealed details of it's premium offering. At present, all content on the site is available free and ad-supported. However, their forthcoming paid service will offer more than just ad-free viewing.

It's tough for other sites to compete with Crunchyroll, which has been the biggest name in anime streaming for some time. Boasting a massive library of shows, and having expanded to other areas such as digital manga and live-action Japanese and Korean drama, it offers anime fans quite a package. Viewster's premium package 'Omakase' will, therefore, be something very different.

Combining access to ad-free HD video, subscribers will also get sent a bi-monthly merchandise package, and receive other extras such as digital music. The packages are similar to the current trend for 'Loot-crate' subscriptions popular elsewhere in geek culture. It's a pretty shrewd move to appeal to many anime fan's natural collector-instinct.

You can sign up as a beta tester, but the first package proper will include an exclusive gold-foil hardcover version of the Kill La Kill Manga from Udon Entertainment. The service will cost $25 for 2 months and will be available to fans in the US, UK and Canada, and will launch in the fourth quarter of 2015.