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The AFA Podcast Episode 7: D23 Expo 2015 [UPDATED]

It's a different kind of show this week! We've got a slimmed down line-up with just Chris, Dan and Yvonne but we had plenty to talk about as this week was a news extravaganza, as we talk about all the revelations at the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim. We look at Disney and Pixar's upcoming slate and lots more animation related discussion!

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay but the mp3 version is here at last!

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Other topics covered include Cartoon Saloon's The Breadwinner, Dragon Ball Z, Ethel and Ernest and moreThis episode contains some strong language and adult topics. And of course... the obligatory Muppets reference.

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Approximate Time Codes:
0:01-0:11  Listener questions
0:11- 0:57   Animation News
0:57- 1:20  D23: The Jungle Book and Disney Live Action
1:20-1:52   Disney:  Gigantic, Zootopia and Moana