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Takahata's 'Only Yesterday' Coming to America via GKIDS in 2016

A little while ago it was discovered that Isao Takahata's Only Yesterday had apparently recently had an English dub commissioned, prompting speculation that it was to get a release in the States at last. Following the critical success of The Tale of The Princess Kaguya, it seems that there is renewed interest in his 1991 drama. Up until now, it has been one of the few parts of Studio Ghibli's catalogue that has remained unreleased Stateside- although it was released in the UK some time ago.

As many had suspected, it's GKIDS that have picked it up. The firm is planning a cinema release for the film in early 2016 to tie in with the film's 25th anniversary. A Blu-ray and DVD release should follow later in the year. The English language version is to feature Dev Patel (from Slumdog Millionaire) and Daisy Ridley (from the upcoming Star Wars Episode 7).

Only Yesterday follows a 27-year-old woman who travels to the countryside while recalling her Tokyo-based childhood. It's simple, down to earth premise is perhaps the reason why Disney decided to pass over it all these years-  it's a long way from the fantasy worlds of many Ghibli films.

Whatever the reason for its release now, it's good news for any Takahata fan. GKIDS come to the rescue once again!

Here's the synopsis and trailer from Madman's earlier Australian release of the film.

Taeko, a single woman working a desk job in Tokyo, has reached a point in her life where she needs to get away from her job, her family and most of all, big city life. A much needed vacation to the countryside stirs childhood memories, recalling her time as a schoolgirl in 1966. Amidst beautiful country scenery, Taeko reflects on her life and forming new friendships, begins to make some tough decisions about her future.