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'Sword Art Online' To Get a Movie Outing

Sword Art Online has been one of the biggest breakout hits in anime over recent years, both in Japan and beyond. Originally based on a series of light novels the series revolves around the titular virtual reality game- which turns out to have real life or death consequences for its players. So far it has comprised two hit TV series, several video game adaptations, and manga spin-offs.  Following a fan event in Japan last weekend, it's now also been confirmed that an animated movie is on the way too.

The movie will apparently feature a whole new story- not featured in previous series or the books- that is being written by original series creator Reki Kawahra. The director of the TV series Tomohiko Ito is also returning to helm the feature, while character designs are again being provided by Shingo Adachi. The film will be produced by A1 Pictures.

All other details- including release date- are still under wraps, but more will be revealed in the October 10th issue of Dengeki Bunko Magazine. 

A short teaser video has been released ( with Japanese text), which you can check out below.