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Viewster's 'Omakase' Premium Service Launches [UPDATED]

The streaming video sector is getting increasingly competitive. That's just as true in anime as elsewhere, as streaming has become the default way most people get their anime viewing fix today. As a relative newcomer in the anime biz, Viewster has been making great progress in efforts to become a big name with western fans. It's biggest challenge is yet to come however, as the European based service launches its unique premium offering Omakase.

As previously reported, Omakase is not just another paid streaming service. Instead, it appeals to anime fans' natural collector's instinct by offering physical goods and merchandise as well as the standard perks. Alongside ad-free video (soon to be in shiny High Definition) , fans in the States, United Kingdom and Canada can now sign up to get a bi-monthly curated merchandise box, the first of which contains an exclusive edition of the first volume of the Kill La Kill Manga and more yet to be revealed goodies.

The service will set you back $29 (roughly £19)  every two months, but fans in the UK and Canada can expect extra shipping costs on top- and VAT in the case of the UK on top of that. There's currently no plans for a video-only option or to expand to further countries.

At roughly $15 a month, (or considerably more outside the US) it is more expensive than rivals- and the site offers a smaller library than the likes of Crunchyroll. It does definitely offer something different though, and something that will undoubtedly appeal to its target audience. Consider us intrigued.

If you're interested, you can head over to Viewster  right now to register.


The next item to be confirmed for the d├ębut box has turned out to be this very snazzy looking Kill La Kill scarf. The final reveal is coming October 23rd.