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The AFA Podcast Episode 20

It's Episode 20 of The Podcast! With Team AFA USA otherwise engaged, it was up to Dan and Chris to hold the fort. Luckily there was plenty to discuss with lots of news on the agenda. This week's topics include the end of Gravity Falls, Edgar Wright's unexpected animated project and that Zootopia trailer.

Then it's on to Stuff we watched, where Dan gives his thoughts on Pixar The Good Dinosaur and Sanjay's Super Team, then Chris talks Home and FLCL.

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Approximate Time Codes
0:03- 0:13     News: Gravity Fall is Ending
0:13- 0:24    Trailers: Zootopia , Capture The Flag
0:24- 0:33     Edgar Wright goes animated
0:33- 0:38      Hey Arnold Jungle Movie
0:38- 1:39      What We've Watched: Sanjay's Super Team, The Good Dinosaur, Home
                      Coppelion, FLCL
             Outro music:  Ride On Shooting Star by The Pillows (FLCL soundtrack)


Gravity Falls Ending

Edgar Wright making Shadows movie for DWA

Zootopia Trailer

Capture The Flag Trailer

The Jungle Movie


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