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Crowdfund This: The Adventures of Drunky

The R-rated (or adult-skewed) animated feature is still a rarity in the US. While adult animated comedy has been relatively common on the small screen for the past couple of decades, only a handful of animated movies aimed at adults have been greenlit during this time.  Even fewer of these have met with much success, so it's not easy to convince Hollywood executives that there's a market for such films. It's reasons like this that have seen Augenblick Studios turn to Crowdfunding (via Indie GoGo)  to raise the money to make an adult animated feature.

Aaron Augenblick has made a number of adult animated shows including Ugly Americans and Super Jail, but this his first foray into movies. The Adventures Of Drunky is set to centre on the titular "barfly", who becomes unwittingly ensnared in a bet between The Devil and God. After having his life destroyed by the duo, Drunky journeys into heaven and Hell to try and rescue both the love of his life, and hopefully the world itself.

Augenblick Studios are teaming up with Brooklyn-based film and animation company Cartuna, and have assembled quite the voice cast. Sam Rockwell will lead as Drunky himself, while God will be played by the legendary Jeffrey Tambor and the Devil by British comedy god Steve Coogan. The cast will also include Nina Arianda, Tyler The Creator and Abby Elliot.

The production seeks a minimum of $100,000 which is in order to get to the next stage of production. Stretch goals have been set to get the project even further, right up to the $2 Million that is the estimated budget to complete the production. The project is using flexible funding, meaning that even if the project doesn't reach it's goal before the deadline, your donation will go towards the project and you will get your rewards. The pledges start at $5, and range up to $666666 and  $777777 (!) but $20 will net you a digital copy of the movie, while $30 also gets you a Drunky adult colouring book.

Now this is an exciting project. Augenblick speaks in the launch video about his desire to make a feature in the style of an underground comic. Anyone who has seen Ugly Americans or any of his other creations can testify that he has a good record of pulling this off on TV. So the idea of him having the expanded canvas of a feature length film to play with, is a thrilling one indeed. Augenblick believes that R-rated animation's time has come but we need some successes to prove it to executives and those who control the purse strings. Here's hoping that Drunky is just the beginning....

Want to help make it happen? Head over to the Indie GoGo campaign now, to find out more or pledge your support! The project launched on April 26th and will end May 26th.