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The AFA Podcast Episode 39

Welcome back to another episode of the AFA Podcast.  Join Chris, Rachael, Dan and Yvonne as they discuss the latest animation news, which includes new trailers for Voltron Legendary Defender (0:03) and The Red Turtle (0:08) and the latest Aardman News (0:10).  Things we've been watching this week include Ghost In The Shell The New Movie (0:21) and Space Patrol Luluco. (0:28) Then finally it's on to our main topic (0:55-2:04) which this week is AFA's Most Wanted, looking at The Most Exciting Animated Films In production Now.

All times are approximate.

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The Team:    Rachael Ward @fail2ninja Chris Perkins  @misterchristor  Dan Hamman @hammoo  Yvonne Grzenkowicz @eyesnare_inc

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Voltron trailer

Red Turtle Trailer

Aardman update

The Most exciting Animated Movies in Production now


"May Movies" program

"May Movies" recap

"June Flix" program


Animated Spirits

Animation (paint on glass)

Sheila Sofian

Dustin Grella

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