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Summer of Steven Universe set to premiere on July 18th

For fans of the quirky but heartfelt series that is Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe, waiting for new episodes to premiere after months of waiting has become something of a norm. Thankfully, this has given the show's creators all the time they need to produce some of the best episodes to come out of the series thus far, with great animation and fantastic comedic writing. Even though the number of new episodes has been few and far between, it is good to see that the crew behind SU is choosing quality over quantity.

If that is indeed the case, then SU fans are about to have one heck of a good summer.

On the 4th of July, Cartoon Network began airing a new Steven Universe promo trailer for the next batch of new episodes. Which will air every weeknight for the rest of the summer.

This new string of episodes seems to promise a lot of hilarious hijinks with the main cast and the newly expanded supporting cast of characters. Several promos were also released online, introducing us to another member of the Crystal Gems, and quick musical number featuring Greg, Steven and Pearl as they go luxurious city trip. After all the excitement and drama of the last major plot line, giving the characters a chance to unwind is a good move.

Tune in July 18th at 7 PM Eastern Standard and join in the summer fun! UK air date has yet to be released at this time.