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Kickstart This: Roamin'

We normally try to bring you the most exciting animation related crowdfunding projects as early in their campaigns as we can. This one came to our attention a bit on late side, so as a result Roamin' is in the final stages of its campaign. Still, though, we would urge you to check this out.

Roamin' is an animated short from Sharon Colman, an animator who was Oscar Nominated for her short Badgered. Just like that short, Roamin' is centred on an animal- this time the noble American Bison. The film is described as "an animated satire about the American Bison's struggle to remain the spirit of freedom'.

The film aims to expose myths and misconceptions about this magnificent creature and has a conservation theme, while still being fun. The video test and the concept art show that the film has a lovely visual style that will give it wide appeal.

It will be animated in 2D, using hand-drawn elements that will be composited together digitally. This is a more time-consuming way of doing it than doing the whole thing digitally, but the extra graft should be well worth it, as the film aims to have an organic, hand-made feel.

Colman is turning to Kickstarter to be able to make the film with complete creative control. She is seeking $24,000 by October 18th. The rewards include digital downloads, DVDs and original art. The hope is that if this is a success, it will also be a pilot for a series of shorts centred on different animals. If you love independent animation, and want to help make this a reality, mosey on down to the campaign page today,