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AFA is 3!

So.. it has been three whole years since Animation For Adults came to be. When I published that first post, I could never really have imagined where we would be all this time later. AFA has gone from a one-man operation,( the one man being me). to a team full of passionate and talented writers based in the UK, US and India.. and also me. We've got two editors, an editor-at-large and a social media manager. We're proper fancy now, don't you know?

The last year in particular has seen the site really grow, with the team expanding, the podcast attracting some awesome guests and many exciting opportunities coming our way. And I might have been the one that hit the publish button but the site would not be half what it is if not for our fantastic team, who are all fantastic and generally all-round wonderful human beings. And of course, we would not be here at all if not for you.. our amazing readers!

So, in case I don't say enough I want to thank everybody who has ever read, supported and helped the site, not only over the last year but since it began. I am constantly amazed that anybody ever wants to read anything I write so for the site to have grown so much is more than I could dare have hoped for!

It's still early days in the history of AFA, and we have big plans! We want to grow even further and reach new heights. With the site and podcast established, we're hoping to push into video more in the new year. And of course the site and podcast will continue to bring the kind of stuff we've been bringing you up until now.. only more so. We hope you'll stick around to check it out.

[ At this point I should probably say if you wanted to get us a birthday present then why not consider becoming a backer on Patreon? Or treat yourself to some AFA merchandise, or make use of our affiliate links? I will now return you to your scheduled programming.]

So here's to another year of animated awesomeness!

Yours animatedly,

PS I'm not crying, you're crying.