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'Sailor Moon' Celebrates 25 Years With New Season and more

Believe it or not, 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the iconic Sailor Moon franchise. The sailor scouts are as popular as ever, both in Japan and the US (as the recent sell-out screenings of the Sailor Moon R Movie proved). Plans are afoot to mark the anniversary, and first up is a new season of the Sailor Moon Crystal anime.

Crystal is a brand new. more faithful adaptation of the original manga series, which first began streaming in 2014. Most recently, the third season aired starting last April. Other details about the new season are to be announced at a later date.

It was also announced that the original 90's Sailor Moon TV series will come to Blu-Ray in Japan for the first time from this June. Although this has never been released in Japan before, the series already available on Blu-Ray in the US via Viz Entertainment.

The 25th Anniversary Project will consist of 14 items in all, including a new stage musical and new fashion and accessory lines. At the more bizarre end of things, however, is a cross-over with the hit Monster Hunter videogame series.  Usagi's feline familiar Luna will appear as a character in The Monster Hunter XX 3DS game. We're not quite sure if there's a massive crossover between Sailor Moon fans and Monster Hunter players, but someone obviously thinks so.

A cross-over with Sanrio (the creators of Hello Kitty) is also in the works.