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New Anime Streaming Service 'HIDIVE' Launches

Another new player has entered the competitive anime streaming market. HIDIVE is the new home for the catalogue of Sentai Filmworks, previously available at The Anime Network. TAN itself, meanwhile is switching over to focus exclusively on its cable and video on demand service.

Like most of its competitors, HIDIVE will offer a free ad-supported service. If you want English dubs, HD Video and uncensored content however, it'll cost $3.99 a month- although this is a limited time introductory offer. The library currently consists of various Sentai licensed shows, movies and OAVs, but may offer content from other providers in future. It will also feature simulcasts. The site is also putting a lot of emphasis on creating a community and offers the ability to live chat while streaming.

HIDIVE will also feature exclusive content available to premium subscribers- the biggest of which is Legend Of Galactic Heroes, which has never been available in English legally before. The service is available outside the US, but the availability of titles will vary by region. Sign up for a free account to see what titles are available in your country.

A 7 day free trial is available for the premium service. Head over to the site today to check it out.