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Rooster Teeth Animation Festival Takes Place July 7-9

Rooster Teeth is one of the biggest names in online content, and through series such as RWBY and Red Vs Blue, they've made a name for themselves in animation too.  The RTX event is a three-day gaming and internet culture festival, organised by Rooster Teeth that takes place in Austin, Texas every year . Last year, the event also included the inaugural Rooster Teeth Animation Festival. Following the success of last year's event, RTAF returns this year, and will run from July 7-9 .

The event will feature screenings from over 40 contributors and will feature an exclusive theatrical screening of Netflix's Castlevania series. Adult Swim will also premiere the first two episodes of their new series Apollo Gauntlet at the festival.

Lots of big names from the web animation scene will be there- such as Frederator, Mashed, Mondo, Onlyleigh, Cyanide and Happiness and Starship Goldfish (formerly Sam Sweetmilk). If you love online animation, you'll see lots of names you recognise- including some you may know from our regular Web Animation Watch feature.

Badges are available for single day or the whole event, and include access to the whole of RTX including the Animation Festival. VIP passes are already sold out. For full details,  head over to the RTX website.