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Archer Season 9 Heads to 'Danger Island'.

Archer is the spy show that isn't always a spy show. For three of its currently available eight seasons, Sterling Archer and his cohorts have left the spy-game behind to become drug runners (season six) or private detectives (seven and eight). Season Eight was particularly unusual, taking place in a 1940's Film Noir style setting inside Sterling's head. Since that season wrapped, fans have wondered where the show will go next. Now, thanks to the Archer panel at San Diego Comic Con, we have our answer.

Season 9 will be titled Archer: Danger Island.  It will follow in the same vein as Season 8, taking place in a reality created in Sterling's subconscious. This time though, the late 40's setting has been swapped for a tropical setting. It will take place in French Polynesia in 1939,  around the time Imperial Japan invaded China and Nazi Germany marched into Poland.

This version Sterling Archer is a hard-drinking, eye-patch-wearing seaplane pilot. The other characters get a shake up too- Malory will be a local bar-owner while Pam will step into the role of Archer's co-pilot and sidekick. Other members of the cast will be taking on other roles (which we assume will still be based on the characters we know) Aisha Tyler (Lana Kane) will be playing a princess,  Judy Greer (Cheryl) will play an heiress named Charlotte and Chris Parnell (Cyril) will be adopting a German accent to play a German spy. Most surprisingly of all, however, Lucky Yates (Kreiger) will be playing a  "smart-ass parrot named Crackers".

Season Eight although still great was uncharacteristically dark. Danger Island marks a conscious effort on the part of Creator Adam Reed (who writes every episode) to have more fun in this penultimate season. Executive producer Matt Thompson explained at the panel that Reed "had talked about just doing something that’s fun and just having a blast with this season. So we basically stuck all these people on this tiny volcanic island, and we’re just going to have as much as fun as we can, with quicksand, cannibals, super intelligent monkeys, and a volcano, and a talking fucking parrot.”

Season Eight aired on FXX in April 2017, so expect to see this around the same time next year. Archer will return for one more season in 2019. Anyone want to guess where they will head next?