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Disney Ending Netflix Deal, Launching New Streaming Service

Over the past couple of years, Netflix has been the exclusive streaming home of the latest Disney films in the United States. The latest Disney and Pixar films like Zootopia, Moana and Finding Dory all arrived on the service not far behind their home entertainment release, alongside the latest Star Wars and Marvel Studios films.

This arrangement is not going to last much longer, however, as Disney will be ending the deal starting from their 2019 releases. The reason for this development? Disney is preparing to launch a new streaming platform of their own.

To aid their ambition, Disney acquired a majority stake in a sports based streaming platform BAMTech, and will presumably use the site's technology to launch a Disney branded streaming service (alongside one for their sports brand ESPN).

From the point of view of the Studios, having a streaming platform of their own makes sense. Why share revenue with companies like Netflix or Amazon when you can keep it all for yourself? It's been tried before (Warner Bros has an Archive of classic films available, plus a Boomerang service) but hasn't really taken off as in idea. Perhaps largely because customers don't like the idea of shelling out for multiple services at the same time.

Disney may be in the unique position to make this work. Their classic and current films would probably make it worth it alone, but factor in Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars- and don't forget decades worth of television. If they can make the best of this- and the price is right- they could offer a service consumers may think is worth paying for.

Also following in the footsteps of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, the service will also host exclusive original content, which will consist of films, TV shows and other content, exclusive to the new platform.

It should be noted that Disney has already launched a subscription service called Disney Life in the UK, which offers streaming movies and TV from the Company's catalogue, alongside extras such as books and music plus live TV. This might give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming service.

Further details, such as pricing and international availability have not been announced at this time.