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Web Animation Watch 'The Weeklings', 'In A Heartbeat' and more

The Internet has been a wonderful thing for animators, making it easier than ever before for them to get their stuff out there. But in this new wild frontier how are you supposed to know where to find the good stuff? Here at AFA's Web Animation Watch, we try to make that a little easier, bringing you the best in online animation, new and old.

And if our calculations are correct this marks the 50th regular edition of Web Animation Watch! Thanks to all the animators who have featured on the column over the past few years and to all of you for reading (and watching).

Have you produced something that you think we could feature in a future iteration? Or just found something you think we should take a look at? Drop us a line today!

The Weeklings [Pilot]

The Weeklings is an all-audience animated series, in which the characters are anthropomorphized versions of the days of the week. AFA were given the chance to preview the show ahead of its August launch and we found it to be a cute and charming series with a fun concept. We particularly liked the existence of characters based on other days (such as Groundhog Day, New Year etc). The look and feel aren't a long way off something you might see on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. The crowdfunded pilot is available now,  make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more episodes and extra content!

In A Heartbeat

This beautifully made CG short has been making a lot of waves online, earning plaudits for its positive representation of LGBT themes. And it's no wonder- Beth David and Esteban Bravo's film featuring a young boy who falls for a classmate features some lovely design work and animation and features a kind of story you wouldn't expect to see in a mainstream Studio animation anytime soon.

Help Me Help You

The creation of  new " totally uninhibited animation collective" CG Ribs who say they are "sort of making self-portraits but really crying out for help." Featuring a wide variety of styles, it's a bizarre stream-of-consciousness created by a" group of frustrated artists attempting to channel their excess energy into something productive, following through on every impulsive idea we’ve ever had in insane bursts of creative explosiveness.  We get together and stay up all night and execute.  Our first thoughts are the only thoughts. We never sleep on it.  Ever. "

Help Me Help You from CG RIBS on Vimeo.

R-Type: Encounter

Channelling a classic 80's anime vibe (but using CG that real 80s animators could only dream of) this is the second video Paul “Otaking77077” Johnson (creator of the Tie-Fighter fan film) has created for Mashed inspired by the old-school arcade game R-Type. Throw in a bit of Tron, Aliens and Top Gun in for good measure and this could barely be any more 80s-tastic.

Simon's Cat: Bed Head

Simon's Cat has been starring in these shorts since 2008 and they never get old. This latest outing, in which Simon has taken to bed with a cold is as cute, funny and -as any cat person will recognise- keenly observed as ever. Get well soon, Simon!