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Third Window Films Releasing Tezuka's 'Cleopatra' and '1001 Nights' On Blu-Ray

Osamu Tezuka, the so-called 'God Of Manga' worked in a staggering variety of genres both in comics and animation throughout his career. And while he remains best known for his children's series like Astro Boy, he also created works for adults. In the late 60's he even created a series of erotic, X-Rated animated movies known as Animerama.

Made by Tezuka's production studio Mushi Pro and directed by Eiichi Yamamoto, the best known of the trilogy is Belladonna Of Sadness. That film has only recently started to be rediscovered and critically reappraised and recognised as an important part of animation history. Now, for the first time, the remaining two Animerama films Cleopatra and 1001 Nights are set to get a Blu-Ray release from Third Window Films in the UK.

The films will be released as a double set, limited to 2000 copies on Blu-ray and 1000 on DVD. The films have been restored in 2K and will come with a host of extras. These will include an interview with the director and commentaries on both films by anime expert Helen McCarthy (Author of the phenomenal The Art of Osamu Tezuka).

1001 Nights, is a retelling of the Arabian Nights, which restores the sexual content removed from most subsequent versions of the stories. Cleopatra (also known as Cleopatra: Queen of Sex) features time travellers spiritually sent back to Ancient Egypt.

The films will be released on June 18. Preorder here.

If you live in London there will also be a chance to catch a rare screening of 1001 Nights at the East End Film Festival on April 28. Details here.