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Amazon Greenlights Robert Kirkman's 'Invincible' Animated Series

Amazon Studios are looking to emulate rival Netflix's ongoing successes in animation. Having already had some success in the field of kid's animation, they've also commisioned adult-orientated animation projects like Undone and Amberville. Their latest announcement is something rather different though- an adaptation of the Image comic series Invincible from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

The comic book has already been optioned for a live-action adaptation by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, but the animated series will be unconnected. There haven't been that many American adult-focused superhero series over the years (the best known perhaps being HBO's Spawn series back in the late 90's) but with this and the upcoming Harley Quinn series, perhaps the genre's time has finally come. Action orientated animation aimed at adults is not something we see much of, either.

The format is also pretty unusual: Amazon have ordered eight hour-long episodes for the debut season. Hour-long episodes is not something we often see in animation, anywhere.

The series follows 17-year old Mark Grayson, a regular teenager who just happens to be the son of the world's most powerful superhero. After he begins to develop powers of his own, he begins to train with his father. According to the official synopsis, "The series is suspenseful, action-filled and emotion-packed, yet builds upon poignant and heartwarming moments of love, friendship and humanity."

It's exciting that with shows such as this and upcoming  "comedy-drama" Undone, Amazon's adult animation offerings are trying to do something different. They prove that "adult animation" does not have to equal "raunchy comedy". Amazon are claiming it will be "groundbreaking", but just how that will manifest remains to be seen.

No release date has been announced at this time.