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Manga UK Add New Dragon Ball Titles and More

For a long time if you were a Dragon Ball fan in the UK you were used to looking at the raft of releases the US got with jealous eyes. Eventually, this began to change, and ever since Manga UK have been doing their best to ensure the full Dragon Ball catalogue makes its way over, bit-by-by.

Following on from the recent releases of Dragon Ball Super and the Dragon Ball Z Movie collections, the distributor has now announced a new wave of Dragon Ball releases will hit the UK before the end of the year.

As well as more Dragon Ball Super, they have also confirmed the long-awaited Final Chapter of DBZ remix Dragon Ball Kai will be released across three volumes. They'll also be re-releasing Dragon Ball GT as a complete series collection, and two more volumes of Rooster Teeth's RWBY.

The full list of newly revealed titles is below


•  RWBY Volumes 4 & 5 [Blu-Ray, DVD] October 1
•  Dragon Ball Super Part 5  [Blu-Ray, DVD] October 8
•  Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters Part 1  [Blu-Ray, DVD] October 15


•  Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters Part 2  [Blu-Ray, DVD] November 12


•  Dragon Ball GT Seasons 1 & 2 Collection [DVD] December  3
•  Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters Part 3  [Blu-Ray, DVD] December 10