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Web Animation Watch Pride Month Edition: 'Star Fallen', 'Then She Kissed Me' And More

Welcome back to another edition of Web Animation Watch where we showcase the best in online animation. For this instalment, in honour of Pride Month, we'll be shining a spotlight on some animation with a LGBT+ flavour.

As always,  if you've created (or even just found) something you think we should feature in an upcoming edition, drop us a line via email or via one of our social media channels.


It's really quite a feat that Star-Fallen manages to pack so much heart and soul into such a short running time. In just over two minutes, it tells the story of a couple's life together over a number of years. The fact that the relationship is between two men doesn't matter, it has universal themes that will resonate in a similar way to the opening 10 minutes of Up (without the gut-punch of an ending). Created by Alexandra Tagali.

And Then She Kissed Me

This film from Alexia Khodanian (produced as her third year thesis piece) serves as an excellent companion piece to Star-Fallen. This time though it depicts a story of love blooming between two girlfriends. It goes through all the classic teen romance tropes, including Prom, graduation and so on. It's another gorgeously made piece.

Rainbow Stories: Peter, Mark, James, and Einstein

Produced by Cloth Cat animation for Hopster and the charity Diversity Role Models, this video is part of a campaign to show children positive LGBT+ role models. It features a little boy named James who finds happiness and a forever home with adoptive parents Peter and Mark. The animation and the storyline are both absolutely adorable.


This incredibly atmospheric film from Dahui Wang sees "a troubled highschooler make a startling discovery at the bottom of an old swimming pool." There's some unsubtitled dialogue but you don't need to understand it to get what's going on.

上履き Uwabaki - 3rd Year Film from Dahui Wang on Vimeo.

Another chance to see popular shorts featured on previous editions of Web Animation Watch.


What We said :Set in the roaring twenties, this gorgeous student short from a team at ISART Digital sees a young woman become besotted by a glamorous club singer. It's a beautifully made dark fairy-tale, with an all-female cast and a heroine that doesn't fit the typical 'Disney Princess' mould. And the whole thing is done without a single line of dialogue.

I Wait For The Night

What We Said: Now for a pretty major change of pace, comes this atmospheric short from Arthur Chaumay, produced as a graduation film made at Gobelins and Calarts. It features a meeting of two young men on the shores of an abandoned lake, forcing one of them to face their inner demons. This is great dramatic stuff that has a feel all of its own- it radiates a melancholy, creepy and slightly unsettling mood which means that you can't be quite sure where it's going to end up. This is a first-rate example of truly adult animation.

J’ATTENDS LA NUIT / I WAIT FOR THE NIGHT / 等待夜晚 from Arthur Chaumay on Vimeo.