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Animal Logic Partnering With Ron Howard's Imagine on New Movies

Animal Logic is an Australian animation and VFX studio best known for producing the animation for The Lego and Happy Feet movies. With offshoots in both the US and Canada the studio has seen recent expansion after the success of the original Lego Movie.  Whilst the studio is best known for producing animation for other studios, the LA-based Animal Logic Entertainment was established to develop animated and hybrid movie of its own.

Now it has emerged that the company is partnering with production company Imagine Entertainment on a slate of new films. Imagine is owned by Hollywood legend Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Perhaps most significantly, the new deal has seen Howard himself sign on to make his first animated feature.

Howard, who has directed features like Apollo 13, Willow and Solo, will direct The Shrinking of Treehorn. Based on a 1971 children's book by Florence Parry Heide and illustrated by Edward Gorey, the visual style will apparently be informed by Gorey's aesthetic. It stars a young man who begins shrinking after playing a mysterious board game, largely unnoticed by his parents. Sounds a bit like a cross between Jumanji and Honey I Shrunk The Kids. It's always interesting to see what perspective someone from outside of animation can bring to the medium. And when it's someone as experienced as Howard, we think this will be worth following.

Animal Logic and Imagine will also partner on another two animated movies and a live-action/animation hybrid movie.

Rainbow Serpent is a creation story that is rooted in Australian Aboriginal mythology- which sounds fascinating and unique. It comes from writer Stuart Beattie, with no director currently attached.  Zero is a much more conventional sounding buddy comedy that explores the relationship between family and technology and is being compared to Inside Out. Carlos Stevens will direct a script from Jonathon Stewart and Eyal Podell.

The hybrid movie is Muttnik, about a dog sent into space who crosses the space-time-continuum returns highly evolved