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'Modest Heroes', 'Ruben Brandt' Lead Animation At Edinburgh International Film Festival

Edinburgh International Film Festival has opened for another year. The event is one of the most prestigious festivals on the European circuit, and it is considered quite an honour to have your film selected for screening. This year's animation selection is headed up by the UK premieres of Studio Ponoc's  Modest Heroes and Ruben Brandt, Collector.

Modest Heroes — Ponoc Short Films Theatre is the anthology feature from ex-Ghibli staff Hiromasa  YonebayshiYoshiyuki Momose and Akihiko Yamashita and producer Yoshiaki Nishimura. The film is intended to be the first in a series of such anthologies from the studio, and allows them to experiment with a variety of different animation styles and stories. Ruben, Brandt is a Hungarian adult animation about a professor turned art-thief pulling off dazzling heist around the world.

Animated shorts will screen in four programs, The McLaren Award: New British Animation 1, 2 and 3 and the International Animation program.

June 22 will see the UK premiere of the French CG animation Asterix: The Secret Of The Lost Potion. The movie is the second CG movie to star the plucky gaul (following 2014's Mansion Of The Gods) and only the second Asterix movie to not be based on an existing comic book.  From Spain meanwhile 2D feature Bird Boy: The Forgotten Children will also screen at the festival.

Lastly (and let's be honest probably leastly) toy-based family feature Uglydolls will be showing as the Family Gala screening.

Edinburgh International Film festival runs from June 19 to 30.