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Your New Favourite Animated Music Video: 'TWRP- Starlight Brigade'

You have to love animated music videos. As a short medium they can be perfect for showcasing some really fantastic work. And you can't miss this new video is for the track Starlight from TWRP featuring Dan Avidan

This video looks like it could come from a lost sci-fi anime VHS from the 1980's- but it's actually a pitch-perfect homage from Knights Of The Light Table. It reminds us in particular of the classic videos from Daft Punk album Discovery, later released as the feature Interstella 555, directed by anime legend Leji Matsumoto (creator of Galaxy Express 999 and Captain Harlock). 

This particular flavour of Euro-Japan mash-up mines nostalgia for fans of Interstella as well as classic French/Japan co-productions like Ulysses 31 (what's with all the numbers?). The creators credit "Roger Dean, Hayao Miyazaki, and Moebius for all of their visual inspiration."

Knights Of The Light Table is a Texas based studio headed up Patrick Stannard, famed for his work on the hit Netflix Castlevania series. The video is produced by Stannard and directed by India Swift and art directed by Michael Doig. We're extremely excited to see more work from them in the future!

The song is taken from the album Together Through Time, which is available from Bandcamp.

Check out the full video, below. You can also support India and Michael's work on Patreon.