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'Dopple Clangers' Range: 'The Clangers' Meets 'Doctor Who'

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the beloved British stop-motion animation The Clangers. The iconic pink mouse-like creatures appeared in the original Smallfilms series, and have had a successful relaunch with the new 2015 series created by The BBC and Factory returning for a third run this month.

The celebrations continue with a range of new merchandise, wonderfully titled Dopple Clangers, that will feature mash-ups of Clangers with other icons of popular culture. And where could be a better place to start than with another classic BBC series which began in the sixties and has had a successful revival in the new century? And by that of course we mean Doctor Who!

The first revealed is perhaps the Timelord's most iconic incarnation- The Fourth Doctor, played memorably by Tom Baker. Major Clanger sports the scarf and coat that makes Baker's Doctor instantly recognisable. The design will be available across various merchandise such as shirts, mugs and clocks.

The DoppleClanger line will continue, with the first seven Doctors (from the classic version of the show) all set to be clanger-fied. If successful, hopefully, the modern Doctors will also get a look-in, and the line will expand to other pop culture icons!

The merchandise is available now from the Clangers Online shop.