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Kyoto Animation Release Statement, "Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night"

Ever since the horrific events that befell Kyoto Animation earlier this month, there has been a massive outpouring of support and love from around the world- in the animation community and beyond. The studio has been understandably quiet at this incredibly trying time, and events have continued to develop, and in the time since the death toll has risen to 35. Although people's lives are of course most important, fans have also wondered if the studio will be able to recover from the atrocity. This week, the company has released a statement via their website, from company president Hideaki Hatta. The statement was published in Japanese, English, German, Chinese and Korean.

An unprecedented atrocity has robbed many of our friends and colleagues of their bright futures and has left many deeply injured.
News from all over the world tells us that [an] amazingly many number of people has sent us their hearts and prayers, which are like candles in the darkness, for those of us trapped in the darkness of deepest grief.
There are many friends and colleagues who are hospitalized and suffering, fighting for their lives.
Please give us some time.
We promise that Kyoto Animation will continue to create animation that help people have dreams, hope and impress them.
Kyoto animation will continue to make its employees and staff lead happy lives, and contribute to society and local community.
I assure you that Kyoto Animation will not give up, we will not go quietly into the night...we will not vanish without a fight!

While it, of course, doesn't make up for the loss of life, or the many lives forever changed, we can at least take comfort at the thought they will come out of the other side of this. And they'll have a lot of support- Sentai Filmworks's GoFund Me has raised over $2 million, and an account has been opened to donate to the studio's recovery directly, and it seems that they will receive support from the Japanese government too.  It's also understood that the data from at least one server contained in the building has been recovered.