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'Adventure Time: Distant Lands' Specials Coming to HBO Max

Last year, after eight years and 289 episodes, Adventure Time came to an end on Cartoon Network.  Whilst the final hour-long episode satisfied most fans, it did leave us wondering if we had seen the last of Finn, Jake, PB and the inhabitants of Ooo. Would we ever see the previously mooted Adventure Time Movie, announced back in 2015?

Now it seems that fans have an answer. The movie is still nowhere to be seen but we might have something better. HBO Max, the upcoming streaming service from WarnerMedia has ordered four new hour-long specials Adventure Time: Distant Lands.

Each of the four specials will focus on different characters. BMO takes the lovably dinky robot of the same name on a space adventure. Obsidian sees Marceline and Princess Bubblegum journey to Glass Kingdom to prevent an earth-shaking catastrophe. Wizard City features Peppermint Butler going back to Wizard School. Last, but by no means least, Together Again will reunite Finn and Jake for the most important adventure of their lives.

The specials will be available exclusively on HBO MAX, with the first two set to arrive in 2020.  The announcement doesn't include any of the talent involved, but we'd like to think this wouldn't be happening without at the very least creator Pendelton Ward giving his blessing. Expect more to be announced at a later date.

HBO Max is starting to look like an exciting prospect for animation fans with material from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Crunchyroll and the entire Studio Ghibli catalogue.

[Source: WarnerMedia]