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Web Animation Watch: 'Shim Chung', 'Warriors', 'Dyslexic' and More

Welcome back to a whole new year of Web Animation Watch, our longest running regular feature. In each new edition, we bring you the greatest in web animation, whether it's the latest releases or something great from the past you may have missed. Expect a whole load of more animated awesomeness for 2020!

Are you an animator who has made something that would be at home here? Or just a fan who's found something you think we should see? Drop us a line today!

Shim Chung

PICK OF THE WEEK ★ A young girl resorts to desperate measures to get help for her father in this short from South Korea. Director Suggwon Kim and Keppler Studio adapt the Korean novel of the same name into a tight nine-minute thriller with some stunning animation and character designs. Korean language with English subtitles. 

Anime Horror [KAKUKAKKO]

This latest from UK Broadcaster Channel 4's YouTube channel Mashed is stylistically something very different from their usual style. With its monochromatic stylings, although it's titled "anime horror", it actually seems to be more heavily influenced by manga comics, particularly the horror works of Junji Ito, such as Uzumaki. Produced as a promo for Adult Swim UK.  Written and animated by Pegbarians.

Warriors | League Of Legends

There's been a lot of great work being done in promotions and tie-ins with videogames, and they feature pretty regularly here on WAW. The most featured is probably Overwatch,  but League Of Legends is not far behind. This latest cinematic -made to promote the new 'season' of the game- is another stunning piece of work. Made in partnership with Love Death & Robot's Blur Studios.


Two siblings find themselves in the house alone without the internet in this fun short from writer and director Tayo Odesanya. When they find the last connected device in the house, it's every kid for themselves! 


This powerful student film imagines one boy's struggles with Dyslexia as his efforts to climb a mountain of words. The filmmaker's personal experiences inform to film which uses some incredibly striking imagery to convey the experience of living with the condition. Animated by Hafizuddeen Hafizalsham a 3D animation student at the Faculty Of Film, Theatre and Animation at the University of Technology, in Mara, Mayalsia.