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Announcing the Free AFA Emergency Jobs/Exchange/Listings Board

We have been working on plans behind the scenes to help turn the site into the animation worlds #1 source- and among those plans is a paid jobs and listings board. However, in the light of the current situation, and the number of people in animation and the creative arts who will need an extra hand we have decided to launch a temporary board that will be completely free to use.

The term 'jobs board' doesn't quite do it justice because although we will accept ads for studios looking to recruit, we would expect that to be limited right now. It's also open to animation artists (as well as comic artists, video game folks and others artists) to put themselves out there for potential employers, show off their showreel etc.

Here are some examples of those who might make use of it:

• You are an organisation or individual looking to recruit.
• If you are looking for work in animation, whether as freelancer or employee
• If you are looking for collaborators on a project
• You are an individual or institution offering remote courses
• You are an employer or jobseeker in related fields such as comics, videogames, VR or art.
• You are an independent artist/animator offering commissions
• You're an animator or other creative with a Patreon or crowdfunding campaign to promote
• You want to promote your indie animation/comic/game etc

We plan to launch the page as soon as possible. For full details and how to place a listing see here.