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Web Animation Watch: 'The Last Train', 'Cat Fight' and More

Welcome back to Web Animation Watch, our regular round-up of Web Animation. You'll notice that we'll be bringing you editions more regularly in the coming weeks. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Stay home and watch cartoons!

Are you an animator who has made something that would be at home here? Or just a fan who's found something you think we should see? Drop us a line today!

Simon's Cat: Cat Fight (Colour Special)

★PICK OF THE WEEK ★ What could be better than a new Simon's Cat short to cheer you up? How about a 7-minute, full colour Simon's Cat Special? This is the third colour episode we've got so far, and hopefully, there's plenty more where it came from as it looks fantastic. In this short our furry hero has to contend with a rival- his arch-nemesis, Jazz.  It's basically purr-fect.

The Last Train

Drunks, vagrants, thugs and weirdos... just some of the delightful characters you'll meet using public transport late at night. Filmmaker Ross Hogg's observational short for the BBC and Screen Scotland paints a vivid picture of the experience of taking the last train home.

The Pantheon

Enter a dark fantasy world in this action CG short from Han Yang. An archer takes on an Orc in a battle to control a key that can unlock the portal to The Pantheon. If it looks and feels a little like a video game cutscene, that's no surprise, as this was animated entirely in Unreal Engine.

Bit Of Broccoli

Using an intriguing mix of stop-motion animation and CG, this unique short comes from Mak Attakks. Featuring two dinosaurs and a giant bit of broccoli (or are they tiny dinos?) it's hard to describe, but it possesses an endearing sense of madcap energy.

Pokemon Twilight Wings: Buddy

The third episode of the online exclusive Pokemon series Twilight Wings is here, and continues to boast some of the best animation seen in any Pokemon production. This is Pokemon, so it doesn't really need any introduction, but this is a must-see for any serious Poke-fan. Gotta watch 'em all!