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Out This Week: Utena, Patlabor, Million Arthur and More.

The Summer months are traditionally something of a wasteland for new releases, and that's without the added complication of a global pandemic. So there are very few new animation releases this week, but there is still something to pique the interest of animation fans of different stripes.

The biggest mainstream release this week is Warner Animation's feature adaptation of Scooby-Doo, arriving on Blu-Ray, 4K and DVD in the US after being available on digital for some time. In anime there's new series Million Arthur (US) and Ground Control to Psycho Girl (UK) hitting disc for the first time, as well as deluxe editions of classics Patlabor: The Mobile Police (US) and Revolutionary Girl Utena (UK).

Click the links below to order via Amazon or RightStuf (affiliate links used where possible). All information provided is correct at the time of writing to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change.

Titles marked with * are re-releases. CE= Collector's Edition. LE= Limited Edition

UK DVD and Blu-Ray Releases For July 20, 2020

Ground Control to Psycho Girl (MVM, 15) Anime comedy.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Part 1 (Anime Ltd, 12) Beloved 90's shojo anime series.

US DVD and Blu-Ray Releases For July 21, 2020

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How Clumsy Are You Miss Ueno? (Sentai Filmworks) Anime comedy.

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Million Arthur (Funimation) Anime spin on Arthurian legend.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+ Digital

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Patlabor: The Mobile Police Complete Collection (Maiden Japan, R) Mech cops. Contains the original TV and OAV series and three feature films.


SCOOB!  (Warner Bros, PG) Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the rest of the gang star in their first CG animated feature.
FORMATS: Blu-Ray+Digital, DVD, 4K,



This Week's Deals

RightStuf Anime's gigantic Birthday Sale is still ongoing. New additions this week include Grave Of The Fireflies Steelbook , Another Day Of LifeFunan, Spirited Away CE, Cutie Honey Universe and A Silent Voice Special Edition.

Amazon is offering the upcoming release of Childen Of The Sea Blu-Ray combo for just $14.99 or the 4K release of the original Ghost In The Shell (out September) for $19.29. For some old-school cool, nab Ninja Scroll for $8.99 or the complete Cowboy Bebop in snazzy Steelbook edition for $39.99. 

Amazon UK is offering reductions on Dragon Ball movies on Blu-Ray. You can pick up Battle Of The Gods and Broly For £5.99 each,  Resurrection F for £8.99 or the Battle Of The Gods/Resurrection F 2 pack for £9.99  You can also pre-order the Collector's Edition Blu-Ray/DVD of Weathering With You for 20% off the RRP.