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'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' CG Movie Reboot Announced

Since first appearing in animated form in the 80s, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been rebooted numerous times, most recently in the currently airing Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They've also made it to the big screen several times with the three live-action movies of the 90s and the Michael Bay-produced live-action/animation hybrid reboot and its sequel. Now it's been announced a new animated movie is going to be joining them.

We already know that a movie outing for Rise is coming to Netflix, but the newly revealed feature is going to be a cinema release and yet another reboot. This time it's going to be a CG animated film produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios in association with Seth Rogen's production company Point Grey Picture. Fans will be aware there was previously a CG animated movie in the form of 2007's TMNT, an often overlooked movie produced by the short-lived Imagi studios (there only other release being Astro Boy).  Everyone involved will be hoping that the new movie makes more of a splash at the box-office this time out.

Although yet another reboot may have many rolling their eyes, the talent involved suggests this isn't going to be some lazy cash-in. Jeff Rowe, the Gravity Falls alum and co-director of Sony's upcoming Connected is due to make his solo directorial debut on the film. The screenplay will come from Brendan O'Brien, a writer with a background in comedy. Point Grey Pictures' Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver are on board as producers.

The team could signify a more comedic approach- in contrast to the darker, more comic accurate tone of TMNT-  but not necessarily. Rogen's producer credits also include TV series The Boys, Preacher and Future Man, which while having comedic moments are not out-and-out comedies. They're also around the right age to have grown up with the original Turtles animated series, so it might be that they'd base the new incarnation on that. Many Turtles fans are intensely loyal to the version of the franchise that they like best and will write off any other incarnation. But with so many different takes on the characters, what's the harm in one more? Hopefully, it will be better than the Platinum Dunes movies at least!

This also signifies Nickelodeon moving into the theatrical animation space in a big way, with their first release not directly tied to or spun-off a TV series (although still inspired by one). Can they become a major force in animated features? Only time will tell. No release date has been announced for the film just yet, so don't expect this any time soon.


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