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Scotland Loves Anime 2020: Cinema Screenings and Virtual Festival

Scotland Loves Anime
is the UK's biggest annual festival dedicated to Japanese animation, brought to you by the same people behind anime distributor All The Anime. This year's events inspired All The Anime to launch Screen Anime, the year-round, online anime festival back in the spring. But now SLA has come to Screen Anime, so for the first time ever the line-up will be available to watch anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Screen Anime normally has a rotating list of titles, four movies and a TV series. This month however the SLA 2020 line-up means that there are many times more than that. There is a mix of past favourites,  UK debuts and previews of work in progress.

This year features a focus on anime icon Lupin III and will include several movies, specials and a TV series.  TV series Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine- which has been unavailable in the UK for some time- will stream, as well as the film follow-ups to it Jigen's Gravestone, Goemon's Blood Spray and Fujiko's Lie (all making their UK premieres).  1978 movie Lupin III: The Secret Of Mamo and crossover Lupin III vs Detective Conan round-up the selection.

Love Live: The School Idol Movie will be available alongside the UK premiere of Love Live The School Idol Movie- Over The Rainbow.  Past SLA films Weathering With You, Penguin Highway and Patema Inverted all will be screening in both subbed and dubbed options. Weathering With You is also available with a commentary by anime expert and co-author of The Anime Encyclopedia, Jonathon Clements (who also will provide an intro to each film). Production IG's short film collection will also be available.

Masaaki Yuasa's next movie Inu-Oh will be previewed as a work-in-progress session, making its UK premiere. Making its world premiere, however, will be the work in progress session of Josee The Tiger and The Fish, the upcoming movie from studio Bones.

If you already subscribe to Screen Anime, this will all be included in your regular subscription. If not, you can subscribe for the regular price of £3.98 a month of £39.98 annually (which will get you access to a new line-up every month. The SLA will be available until November 25. For full program details visit the festival website.

SLA hasn't completely abandoned the traditional festival though, as there will be socially-distanced, limited capacity screenings of UK premieres of On-Gaku: Our Sound in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen on November 7, 8 and 15 and Lupin III: The First on November 7, 8 and 14.