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The AFA Podcast 150 : Satoshi Kon


Beware gentle listener because The AFA Podcast is here with our annual TERRIFYING Halloween Episode. OK, so actually it's only really tenuously linked to Halloween and an excuse to talk about one of our favourite filmmakers- as we discuss the career of the late great Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue and possibly Paranoia Agent count as horror right?). It also brings to a close our season of articles, reviews and features marking 10 years since he passed away.

Rachael, Dan and making his debut on the regular podcast, Evan,  get staright into it and  discuss thier discoveries of Kon's films and have a genreal discussion about his work.  Then it's time for a discussion of each of his four films (and one TV series).

Trigger Warning: Kon's work covers some dark stuff so the discussion includes some brief mentions of sexual assault and suicide.


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The Team: 

• Rachael Ward @fail2ninja  
Evan Vernon
• Dan Hamman @hammoo  





Perfect Blue

Millenium Actress 

Tokyo Godfathers

Paranoia Agent


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