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TV and Streaming: Squidbillies, Freak Brothers, Hit Monkey, Young Justice: Phantoms, Jellystone and more

Streaming has revolutionised the way most of us consume both television and film. Freed from the tyranny of scheduling, most of us are used to watching what we want, whenever we want it. New animation is arriving on streaming services daily. Join us for a round-up of the latest developments.

Fox owned free streaming service Tubi is making its first move into original animation, with the announcement of the brand new adult comedy The Freak Brothers. The series is based upon a series of underground cult comics from the 1960's, and will follow a trio of stoners their cat who awake in modern times after smoking a strain of magical weed in 1969. The series will feature the voices of Woody Harrelson, John Goodman, Tiffany Haddish, and Pete Davidson in the central roles.

It will also feature Workaholics stars Adam Devine and Blake Anderson, who will also be executive producers. The series is produced by WTG Enterprises and distributed by Lionsgate. The animation production will be handled by Starburns Industries and Pure Imagination Studios.

The first two episodes will bow on November 14, with the remaining episodes releasing weekly on Sundays.

HBO Max Original series Jellystone brought us a fresh take on the iconic Hanna-Barbera characters when it arrived this last summer. We're headed back to the town of Jellystone sooner than we had thought, as HBO Max has announced a Halloween spooky Special episode entitled Spellbook, is now available. They describe the story:

While helping the overworked Winsome Witch prepare for Halloween, Augie, Yakky and Shag perform a spell that threatens to ruin Halloween, unless they can reverse it.

Adult Swim's Squidbillies is returning for a 13th and final season this November. The redneck cephalopods will be back for 10 more episodes starting on November 7. Fans will be able to get an insight into the new season and look back at the show's run (which began all the way back in 2005) in a panel at the upcoming Adult Swim Festival

Disney have released a trailer offering a first look at the upcoming Disney Plus original movie Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Jeff Kinney's best-selling book series was previously adapted into two hit live-action movies, but this new fully animated adaptation brings the art style in the iconic illustrations to live in CG. The movie will be streaming from December 3

Marvel's Hit Monkey is the second of Hulu's adult animated comedies based on some of Marvel's more bizarre characters (the first being MODOK). A new second trailer has been released ahead of the November 17 release.

Over in that other superhero multiverse, the eagerly awaited DC series Young Justice: Phantoms arrived with the surprise dropping of the first two episodes on HBO Max. New episodes will continue to roll out weekly. The official season 4 trailer was revealed at last weekend's DC Fandome global event.

It's a BIG week for animation on Netflix. Jorge Guiterrez's long-awaited Maya and The Three and Shion Takeuchi's debut adult animation Inside Job both make their debuts. But they are not alone: also arriving on October 22 is another adult animated comedy Adventure Beast. The series follows wildlife expert.  Bradley Trevor Grieve, who is sort of like Steve Irwin, Bear Grills and David Attenborough dolled into one, who travels the world researching and rescuing endangered animals. The series is full of crazy 100% true wildlife facts that National Geographic would never dare tell you.

For adult animation of a different flavour, look no further than Tear Along The Dotted Line. A new autobiographical comedy from Zerocalcare, Italy's best-selling graphic novel artist, the series explores the challenges of modern life. Arriving on Netflix on November 17.

As well as all these new series, a familiar favourite is also returning. Netflix's hit Big Mouth returns for its fifth season on November 5th- and the trailer has been released. The potty-mouthed pubescents are back, and so are their hormone monsters, but this time they're joined by Lovebugs, as they try to navigate the tricky waters of first loves.