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Shorts: 'Ciao Alberto' Trailer; 'Star Wars Visions' Episode Submitted For Oscars

November 12
is the first Disney Plus Day, celebrating two years since the streaming service launched (in the US, at least) by welcoming a packed selection of new additions. Among these is the brand new Pixar short Ciao Alberto. The short film is a follow-up to this summer's Luca and takes us back to the Italian Riveria town of Portorosso. A newly released trailer gives us a sneak peek at the short, which is framed as a letter (or possibly letters, plural?) that Alberto writes to his best friend Luca who is away at boarding school with new pal Giulia. The short is directed by McKenna Harris. A new poster was also released for the short.


In related news, Disney is submitting one of the Star Wars Visions shorts for the Best Animated Short category at the 2022 Academy Awards. The Village Bride comes from Japanese studio Kinema Citrus (Made In Abyss) and is directed by Hitoshi Haga.  It's an interesting choice- it's an excellent short but it would be fascinating to know why this one, in particular, was selected.   It will be submitted alongside more traditional fare: Walt Disney Animated Studios short Us Again from director Zach Parris and Pixar Sparkshorts Twenty-Something and Nona. All four shorts are available on Disney Plus.

If successful, this would be the first nomination for LucasFilm in the category which was first awarded in 1932. Disney holds the record for the most number of nominations, currently standing at 39 nominations and 18 wins, with Pixar nominated 17 times and winning five. This puts nominations for the larger Disney company (which includes Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm etc) at a whopping 56 nominations and 23 wins. Their most recent nomination was this year for Sparkshorts short Burrow but their last win was 2018 for Pixar's Bao.  The shortlist, confirming which films will make it to the final voting ballot will be revealed in December.