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GKIDS Films are Coming To Tubi

The streaming market is extremely competitive, and it can be tough for the services who are not household names to make themselves visible amongst the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus and Prime Video. One sector of the market that has more room for growth however is the free services. The major video services are primarily subscription-only although some offer ad-supported tiers. There are sites out there however that offer their whole catalogue for free with ads, without even the requirement to sign up for an account.

Tubi is a free streaming site (formerly known as Tubi TV) owned by Fox Entertainment (not to be confused with 20th Century Studios, which is now owned by Disney) that boasts more than 40,000 free movies and Television episodes from more than 250 content partners. Their library contains a considerable amount of animation, and last year they released their first original animation The Freak Brothers.

Tubi has announced a new content deal with animation specialist director GKIDS Films. Starting later in February, they will be bringing many of their acclaimed releases of animated features from around the world to Tubi users in the US. Among the initial selection will be the Oscar-nominated French charmer Ernest and Celestine and the Goya winning Spanish feature Nocturna.

Other titles coming to Tubi later in 2020 will include A Cat In Paris (another Oscar nominee), Eleanor's Secret, The Painting and A Town Called Panic: Christmas Panic and Back To School Panic.

Note that the deal is very unlikely to include The Studio Ghibli collection, which streams exclusively in the US on HBO Max and on Netflix outside of North America and Japan. Also don't expect to see Cartoon Saloon's Wolfwalkers, which is available only on Apple TV Plus (or as part of the Irish Folklore Trilogy boxset).

Update: An earlier version of this article incorrectly included A Town Called Panic (TV Series), which was listed in the original announcement in error.