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Animation Nights New York Animator Interview #41 with Chani and Tali

Animator Interview #41 featuring Chani Goodman Winkler & Tali Genshaft


Evan Vernon interviews Chani Goodman Winkler & Tali Genshaft, directors of Elephants in Space, featured in Program 69 of our In Competition Films for Season 7 of Animation Nights New York.



Daniel, Noga and Oren, three kids are playing at the stairwell. During the game, they discover an old coat that leads them into a world of adventures. Their dreams and imagination strive above and beyond, but their differences come to life as well. Daniel is a kid with developmental difficulties, these difficulties become much more vivid in the current adventure. While Oren and Noga are playing together, Daniel tries to fit in with their game but fails to do so. At which point he becomes aggressive toward himself and the kids must pay attention to him and decide how to work things out. The film follows Daniel and his friends and investigates their responses to the journey.


Chani and Tali

We are Chani and Tali, two artists based in Jerusalem, Israel. We’ve met during our studies in Bezalel academy of arts and design, but both of us have a relatively similar past. We’re the same age, we’ve worked with kids though long periods of our life, and we both are fascinated by crafts and textures. As it turned out, as soon as we met, we made a great team, and it was a clear path for us to work on the graduation film together. As a team we were dreaming of highlighting our mutual love for stop motion, light and animation. It is important to us to take the viewer on a journey in which he’ll get to see the world through different eyes, and this time through the eyes of eight year-old kids.

As former educators, we create for (but only for) children, trying our best to make an educational statement, while still being enjoyable for this young crowd. We believe content for children preferably should be enjoyed both by children and adults, for there is a lot of impact in the discourse that may happen between the both crowds.

We made our first big project together in our final year, with our graduation film “Elephants in Space”, and we believe this is only the beginning of our joint work in the children’s contact realm.






Animation Nights New York presented Common Ground (Program #69 | Season 7 | In Competition Films) 


Program 69




Hayao Miyazaki








Yom Kippur War



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https://www.instagram.com/chani_gw/ (Chani's Insta)

https://chanigoodman.myportfolio.com/showreel (Chani's Portfolio)


https://www.instagram.com/taligenshaft/?hl=en (Tali's Insta)


Interview by Evan Vernon

Theme music by Joe Lazenby


Social Media Links






Interview by Evan Vernon

Theme music by Joe Lazenby


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