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GKIDS Reveal 'Goodbye Don Glees' English Trailer

can always be relied upon to bring a constant stream of high quality animated films to the big screen in the US and Canada. Next up is Goodbye Don Glees, the new film from the world-renowned Studio Madhouse.  The film is also the first original film from writer/director Atsuko Ishizuka, who previously directed the acclaimed series The Place Further Than The Universe. 

The story follows three teenage misfits who refer to themselves as Don Glees, an informal name for their back yard adventures. When one day they find themselves blamed for an nearby forest fire, they head off into the woodlands to try and clear their names. The film was released in Japan back in February and received its North Amercian premiere at Anime Expo this past July.

GKIDS announced that Goodbye Don Glees will be shown in Fan Event screenings for three nights only this September. The film will screen on Wednesday, September 14 (Japanese language with subtitles), Saturday, September 18 (English dubbed) and Tuesday, September 29 (subtitled). Tickets are now on sale from the film's website and participating box-office locations.

Ahead of the film's release GKIDS has also announced the English language cast for the film, and released a new English trailer:

English Language Dub Cast 

Roma: Adam McArthur 
Toto:  Nick Wolfhard 
Drop :Jonathan Leon 
Tivoli :Victoria Grace 
Mrs. Ando : Barbara Goodson 
Roma’s Mother: Stephanie Sheh 
Roma’s Father:  Alan Lee 
Toto’s Sister: Laura Stahl 

GKIDS has also announced that tickets are on sale for the Ghiblifest 2022 screenings of Only Yesterday. The acclaimed drama from the late Isao Takahata will screen on Sunday, August 28 (dubbed) and Monday August 29 (Japanese with subtitles). Tickets are available for Only Yesterday and all remaining Ghiblifest films via the Ghiblifest website and participating box-offices.