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When You Get To The Forest Comes to Alamo Drafthouse

Supporting independent animation is something you should try to do if you can. And you don't get much more independent than Eric Power. The Austin, Texas-based filmmaker has been featured on this site multiple times. And now his latest feature is going to be screening at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the US as part of their World Of Animation Strand.

When You Get To The Forest is his third feature, following Path of Blood and Attack Of The Demons. As in his first two films and numerous shorts and music videos, it is created via paper cutout animation (with some digital compositing). It is entirely animated, directed and edited by Power, from a script by Andreas Petersen. The score is by John Dixon.

When You Get To The Forest is a fantasy drama aimed at a young adult audience. This is something of a departure for Power, whose first two films were made for adults. It focuses on a young woman who finds herself lost in the forest. There she finds a talking cat and various mysterious creatures as she tries to find her way out.

The film took around 12 months to complete but Power had been working on it for much longer. "I had long dreamed of creating a film that took place in a near mythical forest somewhere between the living and the dream world" he said. "This dream existed in a folder named ‘Forest Project’ on my computer that I revisited through the years adding notes and new concepts. In 2020, the vision crystalized more fully and I finally discovered the form this dream would take." He then reached out to his creative partner Andreas Petersen and together they began to bring this dream to life.

For his third feature, Power began to experiment with different techniques and mediums. To bring the forest to vibrant life he incorporated watercolours in addition to various paper and card stocks. Sand animation was used to create certain effects.

"We always knew this story dealt with grief and coming of age as a young adult. What struck me personally, was how much it reflected some of my own feelings of isolation" the director said. "In life, you sometimes feel lost in the woods. Paths don’t always present themselves. If nothing else, I hope our film can tell anyone feeling this way that they are not alone and are strong enough to make it through."

The film has been screened around the world starting in summer of 2022. It was selected for Maine International Film Festival, Montreal International Animation Festival and won the Juried prize at the Hiroshima Animation Season.

The screening details are listed below. Get your tickets.

Katy, TX  February 19,

Chicago, IL February 20,

Austin, TX February 20,

Los Angeles, CA February 20,

Lubbock, TX February 20,

New York, NY February 20

Raleigh, NC February 20

El Paso, TX February 21

Ashburn, VA February 21