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Anime Limited Screen Re:Cycle of the Penguindrum This May

For the past 11 years, Glasgow-based distributor Anime Limited has been bringing the best in Japanese animation to the big screen in the UK and Ireland. Now the company has announced their latest screening event in the form of the two-part Re:Cycle of the Penguindrum.

The film is created by legendary director Kunihiko Ikuhara, previously known for his work on fan favourites Sailor Moon and Revolutionary Girl Utena and is a reimagining of his 2011 TV series Mawaru Penguindrum. Anime Limited say the films "bring all of the series’ trademark avant-garde visuals, gripping terrorist plots, and of course penguins to the big screen."

It tells the story of Syoma and Kamba, two brothers whose terminally ill sister Himari dies, only to be resurrected by a penguin hat. When the hat demands the siblings find the mysterious Penguindrum they are thrown into a weird world of obsessed stalkers, terrorist plots and the cursed fate that ties them all together. In other words, it's a typically bonkers anime plot.

The series combines Ikuhara's complex character writing with more surreal imagery that is inspired by more art-house cinema. The two-part theatrical retelling was commissioned to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary and was crowdfunded by fans. The films are designed to be enjoyed by both existing fans and newcomers.

Re:Cycle of the Penguindrum - Part 1 Your Train Is the Survival Tactic and Re:Cycle of the Penguindrum - Part 2 I Love You will screen as a double-bill exclusively in UK at Odeon Cinemas, for one day only on May 20. The films will screen in Japanese with English subtitles and there will be a 10-minute interval between the films.

Attendees will be welcomed with a pre-recorded introduction with the director and cast, as well as receiving a special A6 exclusive postcard featuring artwork from the film.

This is a story about certain siblings, suddenly-appeared penguins, and the past and the future of this world...
The Takakura brothers, Kamba and Syoma, search for PENGUINDRUM by order of a mysterious penguin-shaped hat to save their ill sister Himari.
Ringo Oginome keeps realizing that her destiny has been written in a diary.
Masako Natsume tries to get her hands on Ringo’s diary to find her new destiny.
Keijyu Tabuki and Yuri Tokikago attempt to get back their precious person of fate.
All seek the PENGUINDRUM for their own sake and that of someone dear to them.
Ten years later...
Kamba and Syoma, who rode the train to change fate, momentarily come back from the place their fate took them…