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Clone High Season 2 Gets A Trailer

There are many shows that never made it past their first season. Some go on to build up a following in the years after airing. It's pretty rare for a show like that to get a second chance. For a series to do so after twenty-odd years is practically unheard of. Clone High is that show in a million.

Clone High originally aired in Canada on Teletoon in 2002 and 2003. It was later shown on MTV, although it was pulled before all 13 episodes that had been produced were aired. The series was created by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, long before The LEGO Movie, and Bill Lawrence (creator of Scrubs).

Set in the fictional town of Exclamation, USA it takes place at a high school populated by teenage clones of historical figures including Abraham Lincoln, Joan Of Arc, JFK, Cleopatra and Ghandi. The later portrayal proved to be highly controversial with some Indian audiences, leading to protests.

The revival was first announced by MTV Studios in 2020, and was acquired by HBO Max (as it was then) for two seasons. Lord, Miller and Laurence are back as executive producers but Erica Rivinoja- a writer on the first season- would be taking over as showrunner. Lord and Miller wrote the pilot episode, alongside Rivinoja. Tara Billinger, known for her work on Long Gone Gulch and the Mickey Mouse shorts, is art director.

The trailer reveals that the new series is going to be picking up pretty much where it left off. Explaining how they could still be in school two decades later, the show's plot entails that the clones had been frozen in 2003 and are only now being revived. So now the clones have to deal with not only the unique challenges of being a clone, but also with being out of their time. It should all make for an entertaining watch.

Clone High Season 2 features the voices of Will Forte, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Christa Miller, Nicole Sullivan, Ayo Edebiri, Mitra Jouhari, Kelvin Yu, Neil Casey, and Vicci Martinez. There have been a number of changes to fit changing attitudes since the show last aired. Non-white characters will not be voiced by white actors and the character of Gandhi will not be returning.

Clone High will be available on Max from May 23, 2023. Two new episodes will debut each week leading up to the final two episodes on June 22. Season one is streaming on HBO Max now.