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[Annecy] Adult Swim Reveal New and Returning Shows

The Annecy International Animation Festival is on, so there's no shortage of news coming out of the French town. Yesterday, Warner Bros Animation and Cartoon Network Studios revealed the shows (and movies) currently in production. Today it was the turn of Warner Bros Discovery's adult animation brand Adult Swim.

The network presented the world premiere of the upcoming adult animated comedy Common Side Effects. Co-created by Joe Bennett and Steve Hely, it follows friends and former science lab partners Marshall and Frances. Marshall has a secret: he has found a mushroom that will heal almost any illness or affliction. It's not going to be easy to get it out into the world- espcially as the D.E.A., Big Pharma and international businessmen are out to stop them. The series is a half-hour comedy and is produced by Bandera and Green Street Pictures.

Adult Swim also confirmed that the series Smiling Friends and My Adventures With Superman, which are currently airing their second seasons, will return for third seasons.

Adult swim also announced the following series are in production:

Oh My God, Yes! A Series of Extremely Relatable Circumstances –" Created by Emmy nominated writer and executive producer Adele “Supreme” Williams (Netflix’s My Dad the Bounty Hunter), the quarter-hour comedy follows three best friends navigating the wild and dicey dating misadventures in South Central LA, circa 2102. A pilot episode for the series aired last year as part of Adult Swim’s pilot block, and is currently available to watch on Adult Swim.com. “Oh My God Yes!” is executive produced by Dominique Braud and produced for Adult Swim by Six Point Harness."

Ha Ha You Clowns "Adult Swim has ordered a full series pick-up of the popular Adult Swim SMALLS animated short series. The quarter-hour comedy follows three sweet natured brothers who, alongside their deeply caring father, embark on various adventures as they bond together in the wake of their mother’s passing. Inspired by suburban family TV shows of the past, this series mixes heartfelt emotions with surreal comedy. It is created by Joe Cappa, whose animated short Ghost Dogs was a 2021 Sundance Festival Official Selection and winner of the Satoshi Kon Award at Fantasia."

Get Jiro  "Based on The New York Times bestselling DC/Vertigo graphic novels by writers Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose with artwork by Langdon Foss and AlĂ© Garza, the half-hour animated series is set in a not-too-distant future L.A. where master chefs rule the town and people literally kill for a seat at the best restaurants. A mysterious sushi master named Jiro enters a bloody culinary war and begins to craft his recipe for revenge. Get Jiro is created by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka (Sharper, Superstore) and is produced for Adult Swim by Warner Bros. Animation."

Super Mutant Magic Academy "Created by Emmy winner J.G. Quintel (Regular Show) and Jillian Tamaki, this surreal comedy is set at a high school where the student body is a mix of mutants and “regular” kids. Through eyes of Marsha, a sardonic new transfer student with a mysterious past, the series follows the awkward high school struggles and occasional triumphs of a diverse cast of teens as they stumble through romance, friendships and growing mutant powers. Based on Tamaki’s comic series, “Super Mutant Magic Academy” is produced for Adult Swim by Cartoon Network Studios. "