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GKIDS and Fathom Events Bring 'Mune' To US Cinemas August 12

The partnership between GKIDS Films and Fathom Events will this year enable audience across the United States to see some of Hayao Miyazaki's most beloved films on the big screen. It's not just Ghibli that will be benefiting from this fruitful relationship though. Later this summer, the two companies will partner to bring the French made Family CGI feature Mune: Guardian Of The Moon to screens for one night only.

Mune follows the eponymous faun as he finds himself out of his depth when he is handed down the title of Guardian Of The Moon. Taking advantage of his weakness, the devilish ruler of the Underworld steals the Sun and throws the world into chaos. Now, it's up to Mune and his friend Glim to save the day.

"We are excited to be releasing 'Mune' with Fathom," GKIDS' Eric Beckman said. "This is a magical, hugely entertaining, absolutely stunning film that has been wowing audiences young and old on the festival circuit. Now families and fantasy film lovers across America will get a chance to see it in theaters."

The film will be presented in a new English dub featuring Rob Lowe, Christian Slater, Ed Helms and Patton Oswalt. It will screen on August 12 at 12.55 PM local time. It will be accompanied by a series of animated shorts from around the world, screening as part of GKIDS Minifest.

Tickets can be booked via Fathom Events or at participating venues.