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Crowdfund This This: 'Team Supreme' Animated Short

One of the many things to love about animation is its ability to connect with people of all kinds. Crowdfunding allows animators to connect with their potential audience directly, making stuff for groups who are often overlooked by the mainstream. Joshua Leonard is an animator from Atlanta, who has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to bring his animated short Team Supreme to life.

Team Supreme is a team of superhero kids- who has just happen to have special needs. Their leader Zeek is autistic, Sweet Pea is a cancer survivor and Angel has albinism. Li is blind, Thumper is deaf,  Shock is an amputee and Mech a wheelchair user. The children are all able to turn their disabilities into superpowers.

The idea is born out of Leonard's desire to give kids with special needs the chance to see themselves as heroes, and to inspire them- and to spread a message of inclusion for all. "Although I have seen cartoon heroes with a special need, I've never seen characters that are young kids who all have special needs and are portrayed positively and as superheroes, "said Leonard.  Inspired by friends and family members with children with special needs, he's done the research to make sure that the characters will do them justice. "I thought how fun it would be to have a cartoon that built around the celebration and respect for differences in an animated format for children and adults, " he adds. "Team Supreme  is a story about  adventure resilience, hope, family and fun that needs to be told  this way, really, for all of us!"

The project is seeking $100,000 and is running until the last week of August. Perks start at just $1.00. It's a flexible goal, meaning that even if the project doesn't meet its goal, you can be sure all pledges will go towards the project anyway.

If you'd like to help make this a reality, visit the campaign page now.