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Next Summer's Pixar Film Revealed As Pete Docter's 'Soul'.

When Disney revealed their upcoming slate for the next few years recently, there was an awful lot of dates for untitled movies. The first of these was an untitled Pixar movie, scheduled to open on June 19, 2020. Now, with that release just a year away the studio has revealed what the new film will be.

With Pixar reportedly moving away from sequels, it's no surprise that it's an original concept. 2020 will see a repeat of 2015, when we last saw two originals in a single year, and the new film will follow next March's Onward. 

The June 2020 film has been revealed to be titled Soul, and it will be the newest film from writer-director Pete Docter. It will be his first film since 2015's Inside Out and the first since he became the studio's Chief Creative Officer. 

Pixar have released a brief synopsis:

Ever wonder where your passion, your dreams and your interests come from? What is it that makes you… YOU?  Pixar Animation Studios will take you on a journey from the streets of New York City to the cosmic realms to discover the answers to life's most important questions. 
Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? They also revealed the logo, but other than that, what we can expect remains a mystery. Many are already drawing comparisons between the film's description and Inside Out, questioning whether this can be considered a kind of 'spiritual successor'. It definitely hints at similar themes- maybe with a more spiritual bent.

Whatever the film proves to be, 2020 and beyond is looking promising for Pixar. Although their sequels have been generally high quality, it's much more exciting to see more originals from them. We're looking forward to getting more details on this one.

Soul will hit American cinemas on June 19, 2020. Release dates for other territories are to be confirmed.

[Source: Pixar]