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GKIDS Release 'Lupin III: The First' Dub Debut Teasers [Updated]

Ever since we first laid eyes on the Japanese teaser for Lupin III: The First, the first CG outing for the iconic gentleman thief, we've been desperate to see it. It wasn't too long before GKIDS Films announced that they would be bringing the film to the United States. But given this year's unfortunate events, the distributor has yet to announce a specific date- although it's hoped that they will be able to release it before the end of the year.

GKIDS have now made the wait a bit more tolerable by giving us a sneak peek of the English dub. There's no new footage beyond what we've already seen in the previous US and Japanese trailers, but this has the added bonus of hearing Tony Oliver step back into Lupin's shoes once again.

GKIDS previously delighted fans of the English dub of the Lupin III: Part 2 series (aired in the mid-2000s on Adult Swim) by bringing the cast back to reprise their roles. As well as veteran voice actor/director Oliver as Lupin, the cast also featured Richard Epcar as sharpshooter Jingen and Michelle Ruff as femme fatale Fujiko. They have become strongly associated with the characters in many fans', minds, so the cast has been brought back for several more recent Lupin releases, including the dub of the Lupin III: Part IV series broadcast on Toonami, and several of Discotek's other releases. The cast also features Lex Lang as swordsman Goemon, Doug Erholtz as Inspector Zenigata and Laurie C. Hymes, J. David Brimmer and Paul Guyet in new roles.

Lupin III: The First was originally released in Japan in December of 2019, and is written directed by Takashi Yamazaki (Dragon Quest Your Story, Stand By Me Doraemon). Check out the new teaser below.

Teaser 2

Update! GKIDS have now also released a second short teaser, bringing us some new footage and introducing us to new gal Laetitia.